Singin’ Saturday #2!

The first time I read through the Bible, I was shocked to find how much of scripture I actually knew already. That was because of the songs and choruses that were part of my formative years as my Dad served at St. Andrew’s, New Liskeard and Amberlea Presbyterian in Pickering.

Amberlea had a little blue chorus book in the pews that we used every Sunday. Many of the choruses included in it were Maranatha praise choruses, which simply set words of Scripture to song.

Today’s Singin’ Saturday song is “Seek Ye First,” which is a Maranatha chorus that made it into the Presbyterian Book of Praise. I remember “discovering” that these were the words of Jesus, the first time I read the Gospel According to Matthew late in my teenage years.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep on seeking, asking and living by the word of God!

2 thoughts on “Singin’ Saturday #2!

  1. You two precious friends and Ministers of God just bring such joy when you sing together. Today for me the beautiful words you sang spoke to Isaiah 35-10 and 14:7

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