Meme Monday!

It’s time for another round of memes for edification, entertainment and the brightening of your day (I hope!):

This reminder, that I always, always, always need because I never give myself enough credit:

A 2020 joke for ya (wouldn’t be Meme Monday without one, at least!):

A couple of thoughts on church (one deep, one fun)

A deep thought about our walk of faith:

This reminder – while I often talk about finding ways to love others, and while I continue to believe that doing so is central to the Christian faith, I think it is also important to remember to be kind to ourselves, to remember that loving ourself doesn’t mean we can’t love others, and that loving others shouldn’t mean we stop loving ourselves:

This truth about me:

This cartoon that made me snort:

And finally, this blessing for your day:

Until, tomorrow, dear friends, keep loving and keep laughing!

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