As we continue in our summer worship series, today we welcome my dear friend, The Janet (as she is affectionately known at Graceview!). The Rev. Janet Ryu-Chan is the minister at Morningside High Park Presbyterian Church. Since I came to the Presbytery of West Toronto in 2017, The Janet and I have planned Advent and Lent together, and found it a joy to support each other in ministry.

Let’s begin with Eric’s prelude,  “Andante cantabile” by S. Surzynski:

Let’s pray, and lift up those who are in need:

Our passage for this day is Matthew 13:24-43:


Here are The Janet and I discussing this passage together:

Our hymn of response is #499 Tell me the old, old story:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, remember that even though you may think your actions are small – God is huge and abundant and able to grow even the smallest things into something big, and beautiful!