Singin’ Saturday #4!

Larry Norman is generally recognized to be the grandfather of Christian Rock. Back in the 70’s he came to faith and wanted to sing music that was dedicated to Jesus, but sounded like what was on the radio those days. (Quite like how Luther would write hymns and set them to the tunes that he learned at his local pub!)

When I was a kid we had a cassette of a bootlegged Larry Norman album and it was just about all my brother and I would allow our folks to play whenever we went anywhere in the car. One of my favourites from that album was entitled “The Outlaw.” In it, Norman imagines all the different rumors about who Jesus was, and then ends by declaring his own faith in Christ as the Son of God, his Saviour.

So that’s what Dad and I are sharing with you this Singin’ Saturday on the blog:

And because I find the lyrics so meaningful, I wanted to share those with you as well (I’ve always appreciated well-written lyrics…):

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep on singing His praise!

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