Meme Monday!

Memes are life! (Not really, but sometimes they help us make sense of life or at least find a giggle in the midst of the tough times in life.) So here we go: some thinkers and some gigglers for your day!

Let’s start with a message about the simple things we should always remember:

You. KNOW. It’s. TRUE:

Judgy, judy cat!:

2020 rolls on on – and yeah, sometimes it just feels this way:

Or this way:

Or this way:

But this reminds me of hope and of the power of a single person to impact the world:

Ok, I promise I’m not this conceited, but it totally made me snort when I read it:

Y’all know I enjoy my wine. These both cracked me up:

And finally this blessing for your day:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, trust Him to handle it!

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