Taking turns…

I’ve written before on the blog about Nadia Bolz-Weber. She’s a Lutheran minister in the States, known for her plain-spoken faith, sometimes using curse words in her prayers or her sermons, and really connecting with people who would never think of themselves as “church people.”

During the pandemic, while unable to meet in person for worship she’s been sending out “Sunday Prayers,” each week. Occasionally she writes and records a video of a sermon, but more often it’s simply Sunday Prayers.

More than once her prayers have moved my to tears (I’ve subscribed to her, and so they arrive faithfully in my email each Sunday. You can subscribe here, if you like). This week’s prayers hit me like a freight train. I love it when another minister says something so profound about our faith, that it literally vibrates in my soul. This is what she wrote:

This is it. This is what 2020 is like – taking turns freaking out. Some of you may not have taken a turn for a while (maybe because I’ve been taking more than my fair share of turns!). Others are taking their turn daily.

I’m a little tired of the talk about the mental health toll this unprecedented time is taking on everyone. But I’m also convinced that part of the reason I’m tired of talking about it, is that there is a part of me that hopes if I ignore it, the mental health strain will go away. I know better, but I still find myself hoping that. I still find myself practicing avoidance. I still find myself struggling. Just plain struggling.

So I’m deeply comforted in the reminder from a colleague I’ve never met that God never needs to take a turn. That His steadfast, loving, compassionate presence is the solid rock I can slump against when my turn has become too much for me, and I’ve exhausted myself again. I hope you are comforted, too.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, trust in the God who never needs to take a turn at freaking out.

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