Meme Monday!

One of the things that is super-fun about having a regular round-up of memes on my blog is that some of my friends have started sending me stuff to include. It’s great when your friends support you in so many ways. I’m blessed. So, let’s see what my friends and I have found this week!

I mean, is there a better description of 2020 out there? For me, this is it:

I wondered where that door had gone!:

This one made me laugh, but also made my heart hurt for students, teachers and parents as they look toward September:

These two just seem to go together, so I paired them up. I appreciate these wise words as we continue to make our way through unprecedented times:

No words…but sometimes you wonder…:

This just totally cracked me up:

I’m still thinking about this one:

I mean, I just don’t know:

And finally, a blessing for your day:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep laughing and thinking and drawing closer to God!

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