Worship Resources!

Happy Saturday, dear friends! It’s time to round up some resources to get you ready for worship tomorrow. Let’s begin with this lovely prayer:

My friend Shelagh has been singing again, here is a lovely version of Hymn #211, Take up your cross:

This fun, acoustic throwback to a song that was cutting edge when I was in my 30’s (well, now I feel old!):

Not to argue with myself (although that’s totally something I do), but when this showed up in my memories on Facebook, I felt it was both true, and maybe a bit misleading? Hear me out, I believe that praising, thanking, and trusting God in the midst of the difficult times is absolutely vital to a life of faith. I guess I just balk at anything definitively being called the “deepest level of worship.” Because it could be different things at different times to different people. And because I worry that one of the pieces that is too easily over-looked when it comes to worship is the idea of service and community (so part of me is uncomfortable with the possibility of reading this as “it’s just me and God, nothing else needed” in this.). There. I feel better for getting that off my chest. 🙂

And while this one doesn’t mention God, and isn’t focussed directly on worship, I think it’s a good companion piece to the above. Doing these things – making the choice to be kind and to see the good and to smile and to lift others up – is also integral to worship. Love God by loving others!:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep on striving to worship God in new and impactful ways!

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