You know, sometimes you come across something that just kinda slaps you upside the head. That’s what I felt when I read the above.

Sometimes listening feels like doing nothing. Ever been there? A friend is pouring out their woes to you and you’re listening and just wishing there was something you could DO for them. But you don’t realize, you’re already doing it. That being the listening ear, the shoulder to cry on, the silently supportive presence is a gift you are are giving them.

I can tell you have I have several friends who just LISTEN to me. And they are the ones I go to when I am overwhelmed and upset and feeling like I can’t handle all that life is throwing at me. And in their calm, accepting, kindness of listening, I find myself refreshed and supported, encouraged and able to continue no matter what life is throwing at me.

So I encourage you to be a good listener. And to trust that God gave you ears that do not close for a very good reason.

As the epistle of James says:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, talk less, listen more and always trust God!

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