A work of art…

The Janet, who is always helpful, always deep-thinking, always kind, sent me this quote:

Let them remember that there is a meaning beyond absurdity. Let them be sure that every little deed counts, that every word has power, and that we can —every one— do our share to redeem the world in spite of all absurdities and all frustrations and all disappointments. And above all, remember that the meaning of life is to build a life as if it were a work of art.
– Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Sometimes when the world feels a little too big, a little to daunting, a little too absurd, a little too frustrating and a little too frightening, I remind myself of this phrase that belongs to Jesus: “be faithful in the little things.”

When I was a kid, my family had a phrase, “Becky-sized.” (They called me Becky back then…I MUCH prefer Rebekah now, but I also strive to have grace for those who’ve known me most of my life, are dear to me, and sometimes revert to calling me Becky.) We used it to mean things that were little-er, smaller. Things I felt I could take on and handle.

So I have an affinity for caring about the little things, the Becky-sized things.

But I also trust Jesus, that being faithful in little things can be a powerful way to live. A way of making your life a work of art. A way of training yourself to faithfulness, so that when the big things come along, faithfulness will be your default.

Today I want to encourage you that the little things in which you’ve been faithful weren’t so little to the people on the receiving end. To you it was just a kind word, to the one who received it, it may have been the best thing that happened that day. To you it was just a few hours helping a friend, to the friend receiving your help, it was part of what made the task possible. To you it was just a small donation, but to the one in need, it was a donation that mad a difference.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, remember to be faithful in the little things, because then you will learn to also be faithful in the big things. Trust that God uses every little thing to continue to help you build a life that is a work of art.

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