Worship Resources!

It’s been a while since I shared an Andrew Peterson song. So I thought I’d start there for this week’s worship resources. This is “The Sower’s Song” and it is literally line after line of scripture set to music. I remember hearing Andrew speak about this song and he was telling the story that a fan was trying to compliment him on his songwriting skills in this song. And every time the fan complimented a bit of the lyrics, Andrew had to respond with, “Nope, I didn’t write that, that’s from Scripture.” It made me giggle, and now when ever I come across one of these lines while reading Scripture, I smile and think of this song an that story:

My friend Shelagh is sharing her voice with us again, she is singing selected verses of #760 in the hymn book, “Where cross the crowded ways of life.” It’s a familiar tune, but not familiar words to me. But the poetry is quite gorgeous, so enjoy!

A prayer that I found on the Re:Worship blog, which is not based on tomorrow’s scripture lesson, but is quite appropriate for our current series and for tomorrow’s message:

Both of these quotes made me think a little differently about worship, and I like that:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep on giving God His breath back!

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