Worship Resources!

Here are some lovely resources to help you worship in advance of tomorrow morning (if you are showing up in person) or tomorrow afternoon (if you are continuing with online worship!)

So, I know she’s my friend and I’m biased, but my friend and I’m biased, but the sensitivity with which my friend Shelagh sings #661 We give thee but thine own, brings me such great joy. I hope it does the same for you as we prepare for worship tomorrow:

I have found this a meaningful song since I first encountered it when I was in my 2O’s. Shane and Shane, covering Rich Mullin’s Sometimes By Step:

This might be a bit of a heavy burden for our pastors to carry, but I also thought it was a beautiful call to action for all people of faith, everywhere:

This is a lovely and meaningful thought by worship leader, and recording artist, Chris Tomlin:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep on praising God!

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