200 days…

In this unprecedented year, I’ve published a blog post every day for the last 200 days. It’s been 100 days since I last paused to recognize how long I’ve been at this.

At 100 days into this venture I shared some insights that the first hundred days had taught me. Today I want to share this little bit of wisdom, which a colleague of mine posted on facebook:

I’ve been thinking recently that many of us (myself included) have spent a good portion of this year waiting for things to get back to normal. And that impulse comes to us naturally. It’s exhausting to live in a rapidly changing environment. It’s exhausting to have to pay attention all the time. It’s exhausting to process the amount of new information that seems to be coming at us all the time these days.

But I liked this reminder that the waiting time isn’t a wasted time.

Or at least, it doesn’t have to be. God is doing something in each of us. God is making each of us grow – and if we turn to him for guidance, for strength, for peace in the midst of our exhaustion, this time will not be wasted no matter what happens next, in these unprecedented and interesting times.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may God continue to make each of us grow in the way He sees fit.

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