New Beginnings start one relationship at a time..

Welcome to World Communion Sunday! Let’s begin with Eric’s prelude, “Saviour, like a shepherd lead us“ Bradbury, arranged by John Carter:

Today we are considering 1 Kings 17:8-16:

The sermon is “New beginnings start one relationship at a time,”:

Instead of a hymn of response, we had a hymn of preparation for the Lord’s Supper – I hope you will listen and be blessed:

If you are at home and would like to participate in communion, please go get bread and juice (or whatever you have on hand that can stand in for bread and juice! Jesus will understand if you use water or crackers or cereal or whatever!), and participate during this video:

And finally, we end with Eric’s postlude:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, remember Jesus, and keep working on those difficult relationships!

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