With Thanksgiving being weird this year, one of the blessings to come out of the strangeness is that so many people have been saying how they still have a lot for which to give thanks. I’ve heard that from people who have much and people who spent the day alone. I’ve heard it from people who enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving turkey feast, and those who had pizza or other non-traditional foods.

So I think it is entirely apropos to take a moment to name our gratitudes. Some people do this gathered around the table as a part of their traditional dinner, but since so many were not able to gather around a table with others, let’s take the time now to mention three things for which we are thankful.

Here are three of mine:

  1. Zoom. I know a lot of people are “zoomed-out” as the pandemic continues and so many activities are moved on-line, and I get that. Sometimes I’m tired of Zoom, too. But in recent days, two things have been very life-giving to me on Zoom: one is Bible Study (the experiment of leading a Zoom Bible Study with a dear friend and colleague of mine has been going really well, despite occasional technical difficulties!) and the other is a Zoom time spent with friends of mine from Florida on Sunday evenings. It’s a time that we get to chat and laugh and tell stories and have a glass of wine together. Often I’ve said to Tracey that someone should invent instant travel so that I could come hang out with her more often. Zoom has given us that opportunity. What a gift!
  2. The bacon-wrapped turkey breast I bought as part of weekly groceries which was soooooo good. It was inexpensive, it was enough for me and I can tell you I’ll be buying that again, I hope! It was nice to have the taste of Thanksgiving even though my dinner was consumed in front of the computer screen while FaceTiming with my family in Belleville. (Not to mention the smashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and roasted root veggies…yummy!!)
  3. Koski. I’m always thankful for my dog, who has been extra cuddly lately. When we go out for a walk, she gives me a huge grin and hits my hand with her nose to say, “I’m happy, Mom!” She continues to be a joyful companion through the strange days of 2020.

I hope that you will take some time to write about or name out loud the things for which you are grateful. Giving thanks to God for blessings big and small is a deeply faithful way to respond to uncertain and difficult times.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep on giving thanks!

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