On friendships…

Here’s the thing. In every trying season I have been through in life (and, O Lord, there have been some such seasons!), God has provided people like this for me:

Often these people came into my life unbidden and without me searching for them. Often they have been dropped into my life for a season in away that can only be credited as a gift from God. Sometimes they have stayed for good, and other times they’ve only been in my life for a season or two. Sometimes they’re in my life for a season or two, and then not for many seasons, until our paths cross again and we reconnect.

The trick, I think, is to trust that God knows what we need (and what we don’t need) when it comes to the people in our lives. The trick, I think, is to hold on loosely – to allow the ebb and flow of friendships and mentorships without trying to make people remain a season longer than they are meant to. It sounds an awful lot easier than it actually is.

But if you’ve been in my life for a season or many, I’m grateful that God brought us together. I pray that I have learned from you, that you have learned from me, and that whenever the time comes to part, we will find we’ve left each other better than we found each other.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, take a moment to thank God for the people He has brought into your life and the lessons he has taught you through them!

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