In Zoom Bible Study this week, I referenced a song entitled “The Silence of God,” by (of course) Andrew Peterson. In the difficult days of 2020, this song seems entirely appropriate and extra meaningful. (And I just realized that’s Audrey Assad on the keyboard – I’ve featured some of her music on the blog before):

Andrew Peterson always makes me think of my Dad and singing with my Dad, cause we’ve done duets of some of AP’s music, so I thought I’d re-share this video of my Dad singing “God of the Mountain (is still God in the valley)…:

A prayer for our world:

And these thoughts on hearing God’s voice:

Ouch! But also…sadly true sometimes.
Autumn is one of those seasons in which I feel like I’m constantly seeing God’s voice in the midst of creation.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may your hearts be ready to hear (and see!) the voice of God.