Being hope…

This came to me through a couple of different sources in recent weeks. I saved it because I knew I wanted to use it as the jumping off point for a blog post. And then today in Zoom Bible Study, we were discussing hope and discouragement. And this quote came to mind.

Are you feeling discouraged about the state of the world? I bet most of us are, right now. But two pieces of good news for each of us: God is still God – loving, compassionate, strong and in control – and God is still inviting us into his mission. And when we participate in that mission, we become part of the hope that world so desperately needs.

That’s what the Pope is saying – we need each other. And we are made for helping each other.

So today, dear friends, I challenge you to help someone. Anyone. Be the reason their day changes for the better. By doing so, you’ll be honouring God.

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