Worship Resources!

The background picture on the desktop of my laptop is one I took on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in 2017. I open my laptop to do anything for the church, and it’s what I see. It reminds me that once, our God took on flesh and walked in this world. It reminds me what a gift it has been to get to go to the places He was, and take other believers along with me. So this is Hillsong United singing “Say the Word,” from the Mount of the Beatitudes on the shores of Galilee.

Tomorrow at Graceview, we’ll be taking a look at the concept of grace – how God meets our weakness with grace. (A reminder that grace means ‘unmerited favour.’ Other words that help me understand grace are words like steadfast love and mercy and kindness.)

And these quotes seemed to hit home to me as I saw them:

This prayer from the PCC website (www.presbyterian.ca) also seemed timely:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may God’s grace surround you. May you have grace for others when they need it, but also have grace for yourself when you are struggling.

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