Never gonna….

A colleague of mine posted this yesterday, and it cracked me up:

Anyone who knows me knows that I love 80’s music and gentle religious honour. So I hit save, planning to use it for a future Meme Monday on the blog.

I sent it to a friend of mine, who laughed about it but also pointed out that it theologically rather deep. The promise of God – especially in Christ – is that we never have to go the road alone. We may go through hard times. We may feel alone. We may wonder why we have to go through the things life throws at us. But God will never leave or foresaw us.

And in a year of so much affliction, that’s a promise that I think we need to which we must cling. God is with us. Always.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, know that he will never give you up, let you down, or run around and desert you!

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