Halloween, early…

So I know Halloween isn’t until Saturday, but I always post Worship Resources on the blog on Saturday. So I’m hitting you up a day early with some fun, gentle Halloween Humour.

(Before we begin, I’d just like to acknowledge that in some Christian circles Halloween is seen as dangerous or evil. Personally, I always thought it was awesome that one night a year strangers would open their doors to strangers and give out sweet treats. I recognize that I’ve simplified a lot in saying that, but I still enjoy this yearly event and view it with a kind of chosen-innocence.)

Is it wrong that I woulda found this (pre-pandemic) hilarious if any of the greeters at my church tried it?:

What are you ‘in’ for?:

Hee hee! Aim for the head!:

She’s on to you, students:

Is it wrong that I want to do this SOOO much (actually, I just want an ewok costume!):

Don’t get mad at me, I love a good pun!:

I hope you had a laugh and have a great Halloween!

Until tomorrow, dear friends, try to find the good, the silly, the fun, even in the difficult times.

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