Worship Resources!

Tomorrow, our worship will be online. We will be focusing on Ephesians 1:3-14, continuing in our current series “You are Enough,” and looking at the language of being adopted by God, accepted into his family.

So today, I’m sharing some resources around that theme – how God loves loves us and calls us into his kingdom, and his family.

Let’s start with Chris Tomlin, and this great song, “Nobody loves me like you,”:

This lovely prayer based on the passage:

A couple of thoughts on how God loves us:

And this gorgeous and contemporary setting of Amazing Grace (because, as one member of Zoom Bible Study pointed out this week, the fact that God deals with us at all is grace…unmerited and free favour…and even better he LOVES us…that is AMAZING GRACE for sure!):

Until tomorrow, dear friends, know that you are loved beyond measure by God who calls you into his family and pours out grace upon you.

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