Meme Monday!

This may or may not be actual photo documentation of me every morning. I can neither confirm nor deny….:

Hee hee, whoops!:

I feel like my face is like this waaaaay too often, even when there’s nothing wrong at all:

Back in the before, this is what my friends experienced when leaving my condo or my car, covered in Koski “glitter”:

This week in Ontario:

A Canadian TRAGEDY:

Ok, this one just cracked me right up (no political rants, please, it’s a joke!):

I think this has finally made sense of why I love unicorns so much (snort!):

Aw, this is just kinda fun and adorable:

And finally, this verse from Isaiah, that reminds us who God is, and why were are blessed to have faith in Him:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep on laughing and thinking and drawing closer to God!

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