That word has a bad connotation. People want things to be special and extraordinary. But there is nothing wrong with ordinary. The ordinary love of a parent is a beautiful thing. The ordinary rhythm of a week without any catastrophes is something I’v longed for this year. The ordinary meal share with family (especially if your family does not live with you) has become a rare gift.

There’s nothing wrong with ordinary.

Your ordinary kindness, ordinary prayers, ordinary way of living in the footsteps of Jesus, are the way God pours out his extraordinary love to this world.

Andrew Peterson tells the story of being at a conference with a number of different authors, pastors, theologians and artists, all of whom were believers. They were asked what they were doing to push back the darkness and shine God’s light into the world. And as people began to answer, Andrew wondered what his wife Jaimie might say. She was a part-time piano teacher and a full-time Mom. She wasn’t writing a novel or leading a church or recording an album. And when it came time for her to answer she said, “I’m raising our three children in the Lord.” I loved that answer. The ordinary work of a mom encouraging the faith of her children is a powerful thing.

So you may feel ordinary. But that doesn’t mean that God hasn’t called you to be part of his extraordinary mission of loving this world. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have to push back the darkness, to shine God’s light into the world and to love others. And trust God to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep on doing the ordinary extraordinary work of loving one another!

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