One of the things I’ve been missing most during the pandemic is singing with others. For those of us who go to church, that’s a weekly part of our lives. We sing together. Many of us who belong to the choir at Graceview also participate in other choirs and singing groups.

Only, now we can’t. And that’s hard. That might have stolen the song in your heart.

But, dear friends, I implore you to sing anyway. Turn on the radio or your favourite cd or youtube. Sing along with gusto because when you least feel like singing is usually when you most need to sing. And when the world feels emptied of music, is the time that world most needs your songs.

Singing is an act of hope. An act of gratitude. An act of joy.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, sing to the Lord, for He is good and His love endures forever!

(And to help you do that, here’s For King and Country doing their AWESOME rendition of The Little Drummer Boy…forgive me for the fact that it’s not yet Advent!):

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