Light in Darkness – The Darkness has not Overcome

Welcome to Advent 1 – The Advent Sunday of Hope.

We continued our new initiative of pre-recording the service in the sanctuary this week. We are experimenting with camera angles and sound enhancements, so each week may look a little different until we figure out some best practices.

In any case, here is this week’s service. I trust that God will use it to draw you closer to him.

And because we cannot do more sing-along music in the pre-recorded service (the editing process to get the words on the screen timed properly is quite time consuming), I wanted to share some extra music for you to enjoy this Sunday. This is the Houston Chamber Choir singing, “People, look east.” I learned this song at Graceview, and I absolutely love it. It is so bright and lively, which is not always the tone of Advent music. This version is four verses, and here are the lyrics in case you would like to sing along.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep on holding to the hope that does not disappoint!

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