There’s a pop Christmas song called “All I want for Christmas is you.” It’s prominently featured at the climax of the film, “Love, Actually.” (Which I watch every year as I put my tree up.) Originally written and recorded by Mariah Carey in 1994, it’s been covered by everyone from Justin Beiber, to Dolly Parton, to My Chemical Romance.

It’s a fun and upbeat tune, and a love song. Love songs are often easily dismissed. Usually they are overly rosy or simplistic, they might present an unrealistic idea of romance, sometimes they’re poorly written ‘ear candy.’ But I’ve long had the practice of turning love songs into worship songs. Simply by redirecting the lyrics towards God (or interpreting them as what God says to us, His beloved children), these songs can take on a deeper meaning.

When I came across this in my Facebook memories, it made me think of that Mariah Carey song:

I believe that all Jesus wants for Christmas is you (and you, and you, and me, too!). Giving our hearts to Christ is no small gift. It is, in fact, a great act of faith. And when we give our hearts to Jesus, he begins to do some work on our hearts. He polishes them up. Slowly, but surely, he tenderizes them. He makes our hearts over to be more like his heart – one that overflows with love for one another.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, give Him your heart. It may be all you have, but it’s also all He wants.

And just for fun, here’s the original Mariah Carey video of the song!

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