Good news of Great Joy!

Everything is different this year, but some things are the same. For the past three years, the Ministerial in my part of the world has put together an Ecumenical service of Carols and Lessons. Of course, this year we had to approach this service differently. However, I was heartened that the ministers and churches in that group wanted to contribute to a virtual Ecumenical service for Advent.

So today, I present that service to you – may it bring you comfort and joy. Many hands made this project possible, and I’m deeply grateful to all those ‘behind the scenes’ who contributed!

Until tomorrow, dear friends, be blessed!

2 thoughts on “Good news of Great Joy!

  1. I felt so good hearing Eric play . I miss being in the Sanctuary, the peace and calm that it offers. The prayers were lovely, meaningful and heartfelt.Rebekah had an echo for some reason.
    Thank you for this meaningful service, it warmed my heart.

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