I’ve loved this quote for many years now. Because this is what it’s all meant to be about – the gifts, the gatherings, the endless food. It’s meant to be about love.

I think over the years, people have forgotten that and instead been stressed out by all the trappings of the season.

This is a good year to get back to simply showing love for others. Let go of judgment or high expectations or pressures. Smile at the people you meet, even with your mask on – they’ll recognize the crinkling of your eyes. Spend time with people in your household – play some card games, go for a walk, bake some cookies (extra points if you can safely porch-drop them to a neighbor or two). Go for a drive and enjoy the lights together.

Just love. Love each other. And Christmas will come.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, engage in the conspiracy of love!

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy…

  1. He brings that special Love through you to us daily Rebekah.Thank you and Blessings to you at this busy time of the year !!

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