What it’s all about…

This is what it’s all about, friends:

I know this year is different, I know many are isolated or only celebrating with those in their household. I have friends who’ve told me that they aren’t doing presents or decorating or special meals. But I hope in this stripped-down Covid Christmas, you’re still able focus on the whole point of all the traditions: that born for you is a saviour, who is Christ the Lord. That he lived, taught, died and rose again to secure your forgiveness. That he loves you dearly, and if you would let him, he’d walk with you daily through this life, giving peace and strength that the world cannot give.

Merry Christmas Eve. Be blessed, dear friends! (I won’t say ‘until tomorrow’ as I am hoping to have a Zoomy-Christmas Eve service to share later this evening on the blog! Blessings!)

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