All things new…

Every year on New Year’s Day, I find my inbox bombarded by “new year, new you” advertising for gyms, health programs, eating plans. It drives me crazy. I recognize that the New Year is significant in some ways (especially with the year we’ve been through and the hope that is before us as vaccines roll out).

But I rather agree with this:

And I think that’s why all this hype bugs me. It’s a distraction. A distraction from the One who truly has the power to change us. A distraction from our soul-deep need of His leading, guiding, and transforming. A distraction from what ultimately matters – our relationship with the one who created us and died to save us.

So let’s choose not to be distracted this year. Let’s choose to keep Christ at the center of our lives. Let’s ask Him to keep working on us, keep making us over into who He made us to be, keep going the road with us and showing us the way.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you choose to know Jesus better.

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