Worship Resources!

Time to gather some resources to prepare us for worship. We are starting a new series at Graceview tomorrow, entitled “The Struggle is Real.” Because, after the week that has just passed, with the numbers we are seeing in Toronto, with the unrest in the States, we’re probably feeling the struggle right now. So we are going to talk about how to hold to faith in the midst of struggle.

Let’s start with this Hillsong number, “Who You say I am,” that speaks to who God says each of us is:

I found this earlier today, and I just loved it:

This affirmation of faith, that just spoke to me in the week we’ve all been through:

This song by Andrew Peterson about waiting for hope, entitled “The Dark Before the Dawn,”

Until tomorrow, dear friends, hold to hope, hold to faith. God has promised that he will never leave us, never forsake us!

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