Self Improvement?!

So, throughout the pandemic, we’ve been hearing a lot about mental health issues, addiction issues, worsening general health (ie, with gyms closed, with spending more time at home and therefore, perhaps, turning to food for comfort, etc.), social isolation, and so many other ways that people are suffering.

And there has been lots of advice given by health professionals about what to do to combat these realities, to improve health, to find outlets to socialize safely, to improve one’s self. Far be it from me to argue against any of those things.

But I also think this is vitally important:

This is a slightly different take on self-improvement. It means that my end-goal isn’t to be a better me, but a more-Christ-like me. (Which, of course, is the best me I could be!) It means that my goal won’t be making myself more happy, but finding ways to live out the ethic of love, joy, peace, hope, generosity, kindness, gentleness, self-control – all those things for which Jesus lived and taught, died and rose again.

Finding ways to live The Way of Jesus means that not only will my life be improved – but so will the lives of those I reach out to in love, those that I share generously with, those that are recipients of kindness, those who need a little gentleness. Finding ways to be more like Jesus will alway benefit more than just ME. And that’s why it yields better results.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you walk in The Way, may you become more like Jesus.

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