Hold on…

As I’m travelling through various social media feeds, I’ve learned to save anything that might be (as one of my friends puts it) – blog fodder. Early in the pandemic, I lost a couple of things that I’d really wanted to blog about. So now, anytime, even if there’s just the slightest chance that I might want to us it in the future, it gets saved. I end up with a lot of stuff on my phone. And sometimes there are themes.

Recently both of these were things I saved:

In light of the storm we’ve been in all year, and the worsening mental health that many may be experiencing, I thought both these reminders were timely.

God is still here, no matter what other (unhelpful) voices are whispering in your ear.

And this will not last forever. (I tell myself that regularly, and it really does help.)

Hold on, dear friends. And when you hold on, hold on to God – not to negative voices, anxiety, depression, fear, stress, and doubt. God is greater than all those other things combined.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, remember that our God is the Everlasting God.

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