Only light, only love…

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. day in the States. And I found myself with mixed emotions – sadness at the racial divides which continue, fear over what might happen around the inauguration tomorrow, hope at the continuing conversations that at are happening around racism, and as with all things at this point in the pandemic, a tinge of exhaustion.

In trying to fend off fear and exhaustion, I hold to this, one of my favourite quotes by MLK:

And that’s the thing. When I focus on love, when I focus on light, I find the fear and exhaustion retreat. They may not entirely flee from me – the world is a dark and scary and tiring place right now – but when I focus on the light and love of Jesus, I find hope and peace. And I need those things to make it through.

So let’s commit to love, to light. To pushing back against fear, sadness, exhaustion, and most of all, hate.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep focusing on love and light, and always on the One who is The Light of the World.

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