Worship Resources!

Welcome to your weekly round-up of resources to help you prepare for worship!

Let’s start with this exultant version of “Onward Christian Soldiers,” by the youth of Fountainview Academy (this hymn has been, perhaps, not as popular in recent years due to the military imagery used….but we must remember that Jesus subverts the norms of our world, so that a Christian Army becomes not a force of violence, but one that spreads care, love, peace, generosity, feeds the hungry and clothes the poor and includes all):

This wonderful affirmation found on the re:Worship blogspot:

A couple of thoughts on why doing good is important to our life of faith:

This beautiful song by Audrey Assad, “Lead on Kindly Light,” which seems apropos in the midst of this long, dark winter:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may the light of God continue to light your path.\

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