Forgiveness, can you imagine?

Lent is a time of preparation. Of journeying. Of moving towards the Resurrection morning in which we will encounter the ultimate forgiveness – the moment when Jesus steps out of the grave, fully alive and having fully defeated the powers of sin and death forever.

As part of our journey, we recognize our need for forgiveness. We recognize, that we have missed the mark of what God has called us to be. That we are broken. That we need help. I find that easy to believe about myself, and I am deeply grateful that. God meets my brokenness with grace.

But here’s the thing – if I know how very good it is to be forgiven, I also need to forgive others. And there are times that is much more difficult. Sometimes I want to hold on to my hurt. Sometimes I want to protect myself. Sometimes I don’t want to recognize that if God thought I was worth it – worth the sacrifice of his perfect Son’s life – then so is everyone out there, And I can only truly call myself a follower of Jesus if I truly seek to forgive those who hurt me.

What makes this somewhat easier is beginning to grasp (however imperfectly) what forgiveness is really about. I appreciate these two thoughts on forgiveness:

Forgiveness, you see, isn’t just good for the person you forgive, it is good for your own soul.

So, dear friends, as we travel through Lent, let’s ask God to help us practice forgiveness. It may just be the best thing we do in this season!

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