Find the joy….

You may have come across this before, but it bares repeating:

It’s probably safe to say that none of us are living a life we pictured right now. It’s probably also safe to say that finding the joy in what we are living is more difficult these days. Over and over I find myself in conversations with people who just want to go back to normal; who are tired of all this staying apart; who are following the rules, but doing so grudgingly.

I get it, I feel that way a lot these days.

But this image and it’s message remind me that I have the choice to find the joy in the situation. Even if it’s a small joy – like the joke one of my friends sent me on messenger today, or the sun that is streaming through my patio doors and making it difficult to see my laptop (I refuse to move, because the sun feels SO good and I can squint and make do), or the fact that two different people mentioned to me today that their snowdrops are blooming (Spring is coming, friends!).

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you find the joy in the story you’re living.

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