Lenten fasting (with a twist)…

One of the things I’ve learned over the past decade-plus of life in full-time ministry, is how much we have to learn from other practices of Christianity. We may not do things the same way, we may have differences in the things that our practice of faith focusses on, we may not have the same songs or prayers that we use in worship, but I believe that there is much more that binds us together than that which separates us.

So I was delighted to find this post from Pope Francis about Lent:

Theres a lot to digest there, but even if you just choose to do one of these things, I believe it would be a fitting and beautiful way to mark the season of Lent. So I encourage you to do that – pick one or two and make an attempt at it! And see how God’s presence is felt in your life.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you choose the ways of Jesus (ie the second part of every line in the graphic above)!

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