Worship Resources!

Tomorrow marks the fourth Sunday of Lent. The service will focus on the fourth commandment in which God commands us to keep the Sabbath holy – to do so by resting. So I couldn’t resist the impulse to share Andrew Peterson’s, Rest Easy (which says we can rest easy that God loves us):

The folks at illustratedministry.com have put out colouring page prayers to mark the one year anniversary of COVID-19 being declared a Global Pandemic. I’ll be sharing those pages for the next few weeks in the Worship Resources. Why not print one out, colour it and mail it to a friend or family member?

Here is the file for the colouring page:

And the text of prayer says:

Wonder Worker,
In this year when everything changed,
when we felt worried and weary,
when we wailed and we wondered,
you gave us a promise…
Nothing can separate us from your love.
And nothing will be wasted.
With you at work,
light, life, love, and liberation
always win.

A couple of thoughts on resting in God:

And finally, just because it’s one of my favourite hymns (and I love a reimagined hymn that ends a more contemporary feel), here is Chris Tomlin’s Come Thou Fount (I will Sing):

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you rest in God!

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