Quiet and unapologetic…

A few days ago I moved in to my happy place. No, not the SkyDome/Rogers Centre, but the Farmhouse which has been the home-base of most of my vacations and some of my study leaves over the past 15 years.

I have always felt that there was something magical about this place. I can’t quite explain it – the house is a century-old and used to be part of a working farm. Now it sits on an acre of fenced-in land and plays host to my family, friends, and our various dogs. There isn’t a level floor or a square corner anywhere in the house. But it goes on standing through winter snows and summer storms.

And I guess the magical thing about this place is that it is a place of rest for me. A place where no one raises an eyebrow if I indulge in multiple naps. A place where I get to make really good meals for my loved ones. A place where my dog can get the zoomies as often as she wants, without any fear of being hit by a vehicle.

So I admit for the last two days I’ve just been taking it quiet. True – there is unpacking and settling in that needs doing, I have a few more things to plant in the yard, and I really ought to get back to running and walking regularly. Instead, I’ve cuddled the doggies (my folks’ bulldogs are with me for a couple of days), done some reading, watched the Jays win. I’ve stared out the windows at the colour of sunlight on Spring leaves, and taken deep breaths of air that smells like lilacs and freshness.

I’ve spoiled myself with quiet and rest.

The reality is that I’m tempted to feel guilty about that – I should be DOING more, I should be ACCOMPLISHING things. But a friend gave me some great advice yesterday. She said: do what feels right, this is a time of healing.

So I don’t apologize for nourishing myself with quiet and the lack of accomplishment. It’s what I need right now. It’s how I’m healing.

And I guess I just want to ask you to consider what you need right now, and how you might heal. And then I want to encourage you to do what you need to, and not apologize for needing it.

4 thoughts on “Quiet and unapologetic…

  1. Thank you for sharing this devotional, Rebekah. I find particularly here in Southern Ontario there is such a societal norm to be busy and accomplish things. That guilty feeling of not doing enough.

    What you have shared is so important. To spoil yourself with quiet and rest. Which Jesus made a priority himself. 🙏

  2. I took 5 months off work to heal, but always felt guilty for not helping to support my family. You have to let go of the guilt, which is easier said then done. Enjoy the quiet, the morning light, the fresh air, the comfort, and support.

  3. Oh Bekah!!! This was one of my most favourite things I have read recently!

    Please enjoy it. Summer is fleeting and you have lots of plans… enjoy them, and your new old happy place.

    Can’t wait to stare at nothing and be happy with you there. Xoxox

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