So it begins…

Despite my best intentions and many thoughts and ideas for blog posts, I just haven’t been on top of it since the early summer. But today, Advent begins. And I find myself wanting to return to my practice of blogging during the high holy seasons (Advent and Lent). I won’t make promises about Lent – it all depends how school is going at that time. But I will endeavor to blog regularly during Advent this year.

Say what you will about social media – but one of the things I love about it is that I have many friends who share my faith on social media. And they often post things that help and enrich my faith. Take this, for instance, posted by the Rev. Becky Rousehorne-Lau:

As we observe the Advent Sunday of Hope, as we enter into the Season, may we be irrational. May love bloom bright and wild in us. May we have abundant room for the child – and for each other.

I look forward to journeying through this season with you!

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