Today is the Advent Sunday of Peace. I find myself at the farmhouse for an overnight while I await the upgrade to the electrical service that will pave the way for central heat. We won’t accomplish central heating this year, but we will be ready to get it done in the Spring thaw. So I’m happy to be here, happy for the step forward that will take place tomorrow.

I’m also at peace. There’s just something about this house and the acre of land that it sits on… it’s good for my soul. It’s a place of peace and rest for me.

That is desperately important in a world like ours – a world of strife and toil. A world in which violence strikes the most vulnerable and wars never seem to cease. It’s important, in a world like this, to find peace. Jesus understood that when he said:

Just like our hope, our peace is found in Jesus. He understands the trouble in our world, but he has also overcome it.

This Advent, may we seek peace and promote peace. May we shine a light of peace into our homes and neighborhoods. May we know that peace comes from the child we are waiting for.

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