In the busy-ness of the end of my first semester back at school, I’ve been thinking about peace. (And missing blog posts when I’m tired – please forgive me! 🙂 )

I’ve been thinking about ways to sink into that peace-in-your-soul state. Sometimes it sneaks up on me, but I think more often I go looking for it.

There are ways I can find it:

– sitting a quietly and contemplating the sky (this reminds me to put down or turn off my various screens, and lift my eyes upward, to the One who made the skies and everything under them)

-listening to music (the kind varies day to day, but most often a quiet worship song will get me there)

-reading the promises of God in His word (and remembering that the One who made the promise is faithful)

-counting my blessings (which leads to realizing how blessed I am, and praying blessing upon others)

These are the ways that stand out to me right now – but what bout you? How do you find peace?

This Advent, may you know His peace, be blessed, and be a blessing.

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