Today is the Advent Sunday of Joy. This is typically marked by lighting the third candle of the Advent wreath – a candle of a different colour (often pink, where the others are purple or blue).

The different colour of the candle is meant to stand out and be noticed – this is the point in Advent when we move from the quiet, solemn waiting of early advent, to the joy and celebration of the coming of the Christ.

I know Christmas isn’t the most joyful time of the year for some. Those who have lost a loved one or are struggling just to get through the days, may find it difficult to enter into joy. Still, I hope joy comes to everyone – whether it is the quiet joy of contentment or the boisterous and noisy joy that is held up as an ideal at this time of year. You see – joy doesn’t have to be loud to be real. And even a small amount of joy goes a long way.

So this Advent, may you experience joy and may you share it with others. May you know that however joy comes to you, it is real and important and a part of the celebration.

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