Pure joy….

(This one is coming in late, because it’s exams/finals week!)

That’s hard, right?

I mean, I find it hard. Especially after the last few years, when we have faced trials of many kinds.

I find it hard that a democratic nation is being decimated in war.

I find it hard to reconcile a worldwide pandemic and the difficulties suffered in less-able nations.

I find it hard to deal with the reality of supply-chain issues which affect my daily life.

I find it hard to deal with climate change and the very real impact it has on my friends, and my local reality.

I find it hard that democracy is facing challenges we could not have imagined a decade ago.

I find it hard that our politics are divided and growing further apart, every day.

I just find it hard to consider it joy as we faces trials of many kinds.

And yet, this is what the New Testament in Christ Jesus calls me to do: consider it joy, because in these trials God calls us closer, in these trials, we get to know Jesus, in these trials the Holy Spirit moves our hearts towards compassion and kindness.

It may be hard. It WILL be hard, but in all of this, our faith is made complete.

This Advent, may you find joy in the midst of trials. May you know that God will always make away. May you find the sea parted before you.

May we all trust in the God who makes a way.

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