How your friends make you better…

I noticed today that my friend Becky posted that this month is national blogging month. You are supposed to blog each day during the month.

It is also National Novel Writing Month….but that is totally beyond me. At least, it is right now – I have enough writing projects between church stuff and this little blog to keep me busy.

I appreciated Becky‘s post because it has reminded me of how much I want to blog, of how I have missed posting here. Sometimes, God has a way of bringing people into your life who make you step up to the plate, who make you more of the person God created you to be. I think Becky did that for me today, even in a small or indirect way.

So this is it. I will try, to the best of my ability to blog each day for the next month. Let’s see where this takes us!

And make sure you check out Becky’s blog, too, because she will be doing the same.

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