So in my quest to blog every day during November, I thought it would be wise to have more than one way to write an entry. Enter the wordpress iPhone app.

I downloaded this app quite a while ago, but have never used it until today.

It has me thinking a out the difference between what I hope to do and what I actually do. When I downloaded the app, I hoped to use it to help me immediately and regularly update my blog. Clearly, that didn’t happen. Instead, it languished on my phone’s home screen until I made a commitment to blog regularly.

There is probably a useful principle in that… That our hopes/ideas/dreams do not become a reality until we make a solid commitment to them.

In any case, I am glad to try this out. It is something new for me. And I believe that new experiences help us to live abundantly. So what about you? Is there something new that you need to try out? Some idea that you need to to commit to in order for it to become a reality?