So generally, Friday is my day off. But this week because of things happening at the church, and in order to spend some time with a good friend, I took Thursday off.

The day started, inauspiciously, with a dead car battery. UGH! I am SUCH a girl when it comes to things like this. I literally sat in the car for a good 5 minutes panicking. I had no idea what to do or how to deal with this. Eventually, the panic subsided and it became clear I needed to call for help. That was quite the process itself (called my secretary for advice, then the church custodian to see if he could give me a boost, then Honda Roadside when it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to get a traditional boost due to the fact that the car was inside my (super-tiny) garage).

After about a half an hour and a $45 charge to my Visa, my car was back in working order. I headed off to a day of shopping and spending time with friends. And it was fabulous.

Lots of laughter. Some great bargains. Time with two of the best girls I know…and one of the sweetest little men I have the pleasure of knowing.

Looking back at the day, I have to admit – I am so glad that sometimes how a day starts, isn’t how it ends. I am thankful that there are twists and turns in life, and that I cannot imagine what the day will hold.

I am thankful that all of this is held in the palm of a Loving Father.

And I am thankful that if I publish this post now, I will still meet my deadline for posting a blog entry every day in November!