I used to spend time on the bulletin board at the website of an author I enjoy. She would interact with her fans on this board. Every once in a while she would get us to brag about ourselves. Not about kids or husbands or friends or whatever, but about something about ourselves.

To come up with something that we could just say “I am awesome, I did good!” about was not easy. Many of us struggled with it. But when we succeeded, there was something powerful about declaring our strengths. Big or small, it was good for each of us to pat ourselves on the back on occasion.

So. All of that to say I need to take a moment to brag right now. Back in April I decided it was time to do something about my weight. So I started Weight Watchers. I started losing immediately. And I haven’t looked back.

On Thursday I had a moment of real triumph. I saw a dress I loved in a store window. I couldn’t leave it behind without trying it on. I seriously thought to myself “Well, stuff in that store never fits me anyway, so I won’t have to buy it.”

My friend and I went into the store, and I asked about the dress. The saleslady said to me “Yes, we have it right over here. What size?” I told her I didn’t have any idea. She looked me up and down, and then nodded firmly. “Medium.” I thought she was crazy. But I went with it.

She. Was. RIGHT!!!

I literally jumped up and down in excitement. I can barely get my head around the idea. I am a medium. I may have been a teenager the last time I was a medium. (And yes, I totally bought the dress.)

So there. That’s my brag. It is a big accomplishment, though my weight loss journey is far from over.

What about you? What awesome thing have you done lately that you need to brag about?